Privacy Declaration on Your Golf Expert

Your Golf Expert (“we”), located in Belgium, is responsible for processing your personal information as represented in this Privacy Declaration.

Your Golf Expert values a careful processing of your personal information very high. Personal information will be processed with the greatest care and secured. During the processing we respect the requirements as set in the General Data Protection Regulation (The GDPR). This Privacy declaration explains how we collect and use your data, according to the GDPR.

With this Privacy Declaration we explain what personal data we collect and use, and to what goal we use them. We advice you to read this Privacy Declaration carefully. This Privacy Declaration applies to our website [ ] and related websites and services.

This Privacy Declaration was last reviewed on: 30/12/2020

Use of personal information.

When using this website and related services provided by Your Golf Expert, you can share your personal information with us. We collect and use the personal data that you, or your company, shares with us directly. We will not use your data for other purposes than described in this statement, unless when given prior consent. 

Types of collected data.

When using our services, we might collect set information:

  • First and last name.
  • Adress information
  • Phone number
  • E-mail adress
  • IP-adress
  • Other personal information you activly provide, for example when making a profile on this wesbite, or during correspondence with us, or over the phone.
  • Information about your activity on our website. 
  • Information about your searches, including other websites (for example because this company is part of an add network).
  • Internet browser and type of device
  • Bank account number

Grounds of processing.

We generally process your information for the purposes stated next:

  • Processing your payment
  • Dispatching newsletters and/or advertisment.
  • To call or e-mail you when this is necessary to provide our services.
  • To inform you about changes made in our services and products.
  • Your golf expert analyses your  behavior on this website to improve our website and to  suit your preferences on our products and services.
  • Your  Golfing Expert uses your information when we are required to do this by law, for example when we need your information for our taxes. 

We collect your information only based on justified interests or with your consent, which you can end at any time.

Saving your personal data.

We store your personal data for the time it takes to complete the end goals of this Privacy Declaration. In general we store the personal information of our users for a durations of 48 months.

your rights.

You maintain the right to view and inspect the information we process. If you wish, you can contact us directly. We make sure that we provide you with a copy of your information that we process. It is possible we need to verify your identity to comply with your request. If you believe the given information is incorrect, you can contact us to update your information. U maintain the right to object to us processing your information. Whenever you want us to delete your information, you can inform us about this. You can contact us at any time regarding these requests. We will always respond in a timely manner, according to the GDPR. If you are not satisfied with the answer to your request, you can submit a compaint to the supervising authority.

Third party sharing

We will not share your information with Third parties without your given consent, unless this is necessary for the execution of the agreement you or your organisation closed with us, or unless this is obligated by law. 

Transmission of your personal information.

In order to comply with the terms provided in the Privacy Declaration we might transmit your personal information outside the  EEA. Whenever this is the case, we will take the appropriate measures to secure your data. For transfers to the USA we ensure that the US party  complies with the Privacy Shield. For other transfers, we  may transfer your information to a country recognized by the European Commision, offering the same level of protection with regard to personal information.


GInformation provided by you may be kept for statistical purposes, including Google Analytics and Piwik. These statistics are used to optimize services. This way we see how users use our website and improve our website based on this data. Whenever possible, we will pseudonymise your data. 


We want to provide you with relevant and personal information in an userfriendly fashion. Therefor we use different types of cookies on this website. We place, for example, cookies that are necessary to make this website function. This includes the possibility to react, filters for spam, playing a video or caches to make the website run faster. We also use analytical cookies that do not violate your privacy.

Generally, cookies are stored for the duration of the (browser)session. In addition, your IP-adress might be saved into the logs of our server when you use our services. This is necessary to manage and secure our services. We do not use your IP-adress to follow and register your browsing behavior. Often times we are not even able to link your IP-adress to your name, adress or other identifying information, except for when you provide us with this information and keep using the same IP-adress thereafter. 

You can disable cookies by adjusting your browser settings in a way that it does not save cookies. You can also delete all the information that has been saved before, through the settings of your browser.


We make sure that your personal information is properly secured against loss or unlawful processing. We have taken the next technical and organizational measures:

  • Logical acces control, use of passwords and possible second factors; 
  • Data encryption;
  • Data pseudynomization;
  • The use of a Virtual Private Server (VPN) [virtual private network], accesible with the SSH-key;
  • Transfers only over SSL;
  • Purpose-bound acces limitations;
  • Checking of recognized authorizations.

Third party websites and services.

Our services contain activities based on the delivery of software that enables our customers to build their own professional website. Our clients determine what information they collect on or through their website. We process this information only on behalf of our clients. If you have questions about the information our clients collect on or through their website, you can contact the organisation that set up the website. Our clients determine what other services or plug-ins they use. This Privacy Declaration does not apply to those other services or plug-ins, nor on third party websites that are visited through links. We cannot guarantee that these third parties will handle your personal information safe and trustworthy. We advise you to read the Privacy Declaration of these parties.