What’s Your Golf Score

What’s Your Golf Score

If you’ve ever wondered about your composite score or your handicap, you now have an incredibly easy way to come up with those figures. Several companies offer the option to use software or Internet websites to keep your scores over a long period of time. These computer programs will also give players a way to come up with handicaps, even if you need those scores for tournament play.

You’ll find there are several ways to use technology for saving scores or establishing handicaps. There are hand-held devices that very much resemble a cellular telephone or PDA. With these devices, you simply enter scores as you play. Many offer the option of saving scores for several players so that you can compare those of all the players in your group.

You may also enter the information onto a website once you leave the green. Typically, you’ll be asked to pay a membership to the site, then you’ll be allowed to save your information each time you play. There are usually some requirements related to verifying scores, but the information can then be used to establish your handicap. If you’re planning to use the information for tournament play, remember to find and use a service that is certified for that purpose.

If you’re looking for a way to get your handicap or simply to retain your scores for comparison over a period of time, this could be the answer. You’ll find that there are plenty of options and you’re sure to find some device, service or website to suit your needs.
There’s no doubt that technology is becoming more involved in the golfing industry, whether you’re using it to establish your handicap, evaluate your swing or searching the Internet for golf tips and golf aids. Even if you’re not really comfortable with technology, you may find the benefits are worth the effort.

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