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How golfing became my passion

How it started...

Being able to golf, hit the perfect balls, it looks so self-evident.

But often it is a dilemma, a forever battle

For some golfers it is simple. They have the perfect hit, the right position, and with them, everything goes on itself.

For other golfers it is not that self-evident. They have a constand battle with themselves.

Never that right hit, they are seldom in the right position and keep missing the ball and as a result never get more than a few hits.

On the golfcourse I regularly met these golfers, even that desperate that they wanted to quit rather than fullt give themselves.

For them a single lesson with a professional was just a small help. They needed more to make progress.

Many of these golfers lost faith in themselves and are opinionated towards the idea that there is no right solution for them.

I myself thought of myself as belonging to this group of people. I am happy I found this group of people. It made me stronger in searching and finding a solution.

I hope I can save you from those years of suffering and hopelessness, so that you can enjoy fully from a good game on the golf course.

How golfing became my passion
Patrick Stoop

Who's Patrick?

Passionate about Golf, positive, reliable and motorcyclist in heart and soul!

And further!

  • Sporty
  • Ready to laugh
  • Cheerful
  • Friendly
  • Adventurous


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Personal growth and a clear vision on what you want to achieve on the golf course. I am sure my book will broaden your knowledge and improve your golfing game;

...from golf course to e-book

To share my experiences, frustrations and joy I have written them down in an a-book. The book contains tips, answers to questions, experiences that can help you to experience the pleasure of the golfing sport and to become a good golfer.

Are you dreaming of a fun and good golfing round that will make you leave the golf course with a sense of fulfillment.

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