Etiquette For  Golf Player

Etiquette For Golf Player

Etiquette For  Golf Player

Let us see some etiquette a golf player has to observe while playing. Safety is primary responsibility of a player. Before making a stroke or practice swing, he has to ensure that there is no one near him or in the course of the ball.

A player who has an honor plays first, before his competitor. When a player is addressing the ball, no one should stand close to the player or in the path of the ball or near the hole. As also, no one should move or talk when the player is making a stroke. There should not be any undue delay in making a stroke.

In case a ball is lost and the player is searching for the ball, he should signal to the other players following and allow them to pass. He should not play until all the players have passed him. Once play in one hole is complete, the player should leave the putting green immediately.

In a golf course if there are more than one tournament being played, a single player should give way to the tournament. A match playing full round will get priority over any shorter matches being played.

After playing in a bunker, the player should carefully fill up any holes or footprints made while playing there. In case any turf is displaced while playing on the green, he should immediately replace it and press it firmly. As also, any damage made by the ball must be repaired. Players or caddies should make sure no damage is caused to the green or the hole while putting the bag or the flag stick. They should also be careful that they do not damage the hole or the green when pick up the ball from the hole or replace the flagstick. The flagstick should be properly replaced in the whole before the player leaves the putting green.

If golf carts are, used rules pertaining to that should be strictly followed. When a player is practicing swing, he should ensure that the tee is not damaged.

Let us see some of the definitions in the game. When once a player has taken stance and grounded the club that means he has “addressed the ball”. If the ball moves due the wind or any other reason even without the player not hitting the ball, will result the player getting a penalty. In the green, a ball is addressed when the player takes stance and grounds the club, as otherwise in hazards the ball is addressed once the player takes stance.

When a player is taking suggestions on the choice of club to be used or the stroke to be offered will be considered as an” advice”. On the other hand, if the player is checking about the position of the flagstick or the hazards or any rules of the game will not be deemed as advice.

Once the player has offered a stroke, on the tee, the ball is “in play”. It is in play until it is holed out, or lost or has been hit out of bounds or lifted or has been replaced with another ball.

The person who carries or handles the players clubs is called a “caddie’. One or more players use one caddie; but he is considered to be employed by the player whose ball is involved in play. A “forecaddie” is an outside agency, employed by the tournament committee. His role is to indicate the position of the ball to the players.

Each of these terms and definitions are linked with rules of the games also.

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