Golf Course Management

Golf course management

Playing a good round of golf comes with a lot of good golf course management. Sure it is great to know how to have a great golf swing, but if you haven’t got course management, then you haven’t got a game plan.

Professional golfer and caddie

Have you ever noticed a professional golfer standing beside their caddie in a discussion about the next golf shot at hand? You can rest assured that they were not talking about Larry King live, unless he was in the pro-am the day before and he was leading the tournament. They are discussing the previous results and golf placement on where they hit their golf shot the prior hole before in the practice round or regulation round. Course management is what they are talking about. Every golf shot is tagged to the nearest yard. If you want to play a good golf shot, you have to know your distance and what type of situation you’re up against. This is where good golfers with a good course management excel over their competition.

Golf course knowledge

Taking all the great golfers and great golf swings into consideration, without the proper knowledge about distance, wind, uphill, downhill and all the great earthly weather that is always a surprise at times can be quite demanding to the best golfer at times. If you think that all you need is a great golf swing and a great set of golf clubs, you should rethink your game again. A lot of great golfers fall prey to a golfer with better course management. These same golfers with good course management do not need to out distance their competitor. They just need to place their ball where the next golf shot is a walk in the park.

Influencing your handicap

If you haven’t got a clue about course management, your handicap is going to soar into the high double-digit figures. When you are talking about the shot at hand, you must take in consideration the prior distance and weather condition on your previous shot with the club selection at hand. Was the golf shot uphill with a wind behind you or against you? When choosing a golf club, one must ask a series of questions before making a formal decision. Do I want to play my next shot over a sand trap? Do I want to play my next golf shot with a pitching wedge or a 7 iron? In other words, do I want to fly the golf shot into the green, or place it where I can bump and run the next golf shot into the green?

Extra attention on the course

Course management requires the golfer in paying attention to golf holes that are next to the hole that they are playing. They are constantly looking for good golf position for the next hole before they even tee up the golf ball. They are also checking out greens as far as slope and surrounding sand traps. Knowing where pin placement is, way before you’re sitting out in the middle of the fairway will definitely help on club selection. You may decide to play less club, because of the simple fact of a two-tier green and the pin is sitting on the bottom level. You would never have that knowledge at hand if you did not eye the situation on the prior hole unless you played it once before. It is called course management.


Take a good look at the golf terrain and conditions that you are playing in and pay attention to golf holes that you walk by. Knowing the golf terrain well in advance will make it a lot easier on golf club selection and help drive confidence going forward.

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