Golf Beginner Basics II What to keep in your golf bag
04 juli 2021 

Golf Beginner Basics II What to keep in your golf bag

Golf Beginner Basics II What to keep in your golf bag.

There are many golf bags available, some designed for
fashion, some for utility and some that combine both
features. There are big bags, bigger bags and bags so
big that they would keep everything I need for a long
weekend vacation in one of the side pockets!

Generally speaking, you need a bag just large enough
to hold your clubs, extra balls, your glove, tees, car
keys, extra pencils, ball markers, a ball retriever,
sunscreen, a windbreaker and a large umbrella.

It is also a good idea to have a packet of tissues, a
band-aid or two, and if you play courses where insects
are a problem, a can of bug repellent comes in very

A small pack of baby wipes come in very handy; in your
bag they get warmed by the heat, so when you get
sweaty or a sand trap covered you with sand, a nice
warm wipe can be very refreshing.

I happen to be allergic to bees, hornets and wasps, so
my Epipen is an important addition to my bag. I am
also hypoglycemic so I carry Lifesavers, which has to
be replaced several times throughout the year because
they tend to melt.

One item that doesn’t need to be in your golf bag is
your cell phone. If you must carry it, turn off the
ringer as a courtesy to other players. If you must use
it, be aware of others who might be taking a swing or
putting their ball. Be considerate!

Having these items in your golf bag should provide
everything you will need, even in a minor emergency
(like a blister) or a major inconvenience, like a
sudden rainstorm. Being prepared makes the game a
great deal more fun.

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