I wantto start playing Golf!

Starting to golf is best done well prepared, so yoru first day of golf will be comfortable.

Our e-book provides tips and information on the next subjects

  • How to start with golf
  • Getting your GPL
  • How expencive is golfing
  • What materials do you need to play golf?
    • Do I have to take classes or can it be done differently
    • The dresscode on the golfcourse
    • ... and many more
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i want to start playing golf

A top-notch book with useful information and tips.


Your Golfing Expert was created by Patrick Stoop with the goal to inform people about the subject on starting with golf. Together with you, Your Golfing expert will make everyone that wants to start playing golf a succesful golfer. Your Golfing Expert is there to help you out, whether you are a beginner or an advanced golfer, and to provide you with knowledge on the rules of golfing. Your Golfing Expert will help you explore golf through information, tips and experiences of professionals and succesful golfers.

  • A solid foundation for the beginning golfer
    • Easy to read and clear text
    • Also with read-aloud book
    • Important facts

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    I want to start playing Golf!

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    Dowload the free E-book
    i want to start playing golf