A Quick Course For The Golf Course: Does & Don’ts
09 augustus 2021 

A Quick Course For The Golf Course: Does & Don’ts

A Quick Course For The Golf Course: Does & Don’ts

Many people feel that all it takes is a few golf lessons and then suddenly upon completion they are experts. They are Tiger Woods in the making…so they feel. Before you begin, see if you can shadow someone at a golf club for free. Shadowing someone with more experience in the game will help your game. Just like in any sport, for example, foot ball, it would be ridiculous for a foot ball fan to where a tuxedo or his/her pajamas to a game.

-Wearing improper or uncomfortable gear on the golf course. Improper gear such as, tee shirts with word phrases or sayings that have nothing to do with golf such as: ‘I’ve been married to my ball and chain for 20 years….HELP!’ should not be worn on the course. When in doubt…stick to plain golf shirts with neutral shades such as white, beige, red, black purple and grey.

Another big no-no is wearing a shirt and tie with slacks and your everyday office shoes is in appropriate gear and should be saved for your next corporate meeting, not a golf game.

-Good manners are not just for the dinning room table or your favorite restaurant.’ Before your first day on the course, make sure that you eat healthy. Save the chili hotdogs for the Super Bowl. Stay away from foods that cause gas and other ailments.

Make sure that you do not skip your meals. It would be tragic if you fainted and had to be carried to the hospital in a stretcher.

Golf is a very quite yet intense game. Leave the following things at home: Your 1980’s radio box. Many people feel that every sport should include music, including their golf game. Save the music boxes for your next family reunion but

-If you are a pet lover leave your pets at home. Pets are not permitted on the golf course…it is not cute.

-Yelling and obnoxious talking is not permitted. Leave the talking for after the game. Whistling and singing are very poor etiquette.

-The ultimate don’t is forgetting to place your cell phone on vibrate. The major don’t is answering and making unnecessary phone calls while your opponent is putting.

-Practice truly does make perfection, especially during a golf game. Don’t act as if you know everything there is to know about golf. If you do, you must have something to back it up like playing a good game.

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